Book review: City of Bones, Mortal Instruments #1

Clary Fray’s boring, normal life changes in a night, after she encounters Shadowhunters at a club. The next day, her mother is kidnapped and she gets pulled into the mysterious world of Shadowhunters. Soon, secrets are divulged and truth is exposed and she realizes that she may not be what she always perceived herself to be.

The first time I read City of Bones, I was totally blown away. The plot is so intriguing and it takes you in quite early. The dangerous and exciting world of Shadowhunters can be almost irresistible. Cassandra Clare’s style  of writing is terrific, with vivid detailing , amusing dialogue and  all those surprising twists in the story. The heroine of the book, Clary is quirky, brave and strong but she is also kinda cliche with not knowing that she is beautiful or that her best friend is in love with her (oops, a spoiler, but you can guess it quite early in the book). Jace is the typical bad boy, who is good under the rough exterior. Their chemistry is going to make you swoon. There is action too, ranging from demon-killing to jumping off the top of a building(on a flying motorcycle, of course!) and you can be quite sure that you are in for a thrilling, electrifying ride.

Apart from that, the last parts of the book can be disappointing for readers, but since there are 5 following books, you never know what might happen!! Also, the side characters were a little under-developed, but we get to know them better in the following books. I’d recommend this book for people who love to dive deep in an unputdownable book and lose themselves in it. Fans of YA fiction and fantasy would love to read it too.
I know I wrote a really short description of the plot, so to read the plot/ blurb on Goodreads, click here.


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