Book Review: The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun 

​I am doing their review together as the story in The Seven Crystal Balls continues in ‘Prisoners  of the Sun’. 

The Seven Crystal Balls summary: 

In this comic, Tintin and his friends Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus and Snowy find themselves entangled in the mystery of the seven crystal balls which makes the seven members of an archaeological expedition excavating the Inca mummies  go into a kind of coma. Then, Professor Calculus, unintentionally commits sacrilege by wearing the royal bracelet of the Incas and is thus kidnapped.It is now up to Tintin and Haddock and Snowy to find him and get to the bottom of the problem. 
Prisoners Of the Sun summary

On a strong lead, Tintin , Haddock and Thompson and Thomson fly to Peru , where they believe Calculus is aboard the ship ‘Pachacamac’. They are thwarted again and then learn that Calculus is taken to the Temple of the Sun. Among near death situations and a deadly adversary, they gallivant through mountains and forests in search of it as the fate of Calculus and the seven archaeologists hinges upon them.

My thoughts
: I love the Tintin comics. Especially these two, which I have read about 10 times. The script is so well detailed and equipped with adventure and mystery. Immensely fun to read, with high doses of laugh-out-loud situations, these two can be read by anyone. It’s very engrossing in its own way. There isn’t a single page of boredom. Thomson and Thompson’s antics, Professor Calculus’s oblivion  and Snowy’s frequent dialogue just adds to the humour. Tintin and Captain Haddock have all these near scrapes with danger which of course you know that they’ll get out of, but the fun is to know  how. Tintin’s comics aren’t very realistic if you think of it , with elements of sci-fi, fantasy, etc., but it makes them all the more enjoyable. 
Easy to read and funny , you cannot help but enjoy them even if you don’t think much of the story. 


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