Book review: The Woman in Cabin 10

Lo Blacklock , a travel journalist gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she gets the press pass of a luxury, boutique cruise ship. But what Lo doesn’t know is that murder and mystery lurks aboard and that she too would get entangled in it.

This is a story of a paranoid woman, who has been panicky and keyed up since the attempted burglary in her flat and then sort of witnesses a murder of THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10, someone she met earlier that day. It is very mysterious as all the passengers
and crew are accounted for. Lo’s investigation brings her closer to the truth , but first she has to decide whether knowing the truth is worth risking her life.

This fast-paced thriller can really grab your attention and make it almost impossible to let go of it. It’s addictive with all the fear and suspense drawing you in. Ruth Ware’s writing style puts you in the shoes of the protagonist and you will
genuinely be afraid for her. Although some might find her quite unlikeable, there is some character development which might compensate for that. The climax was a tad less exciting than  the build-up. Overall, a terrific read with elements of Agatha Christie crime fiction. 

This book is for those who want an easy, engrossing read which can thrill and excite them. It’s perfect for a long day as you are not likely to drop it midway.

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