Into the Water by Paula Hawkins -Book Review 


A single mother turns up dead at the bottom of the river that runs through town. Earlier in the summer, a vulnerable teenage girl met the same fate. They are not the first women lost to these dark waters, but their deaths disturb the river and its history, dredging up secrets long submerged.

Left behind is a lonely fifteen-year-old girl. Parentless and friendless, she now finds herself in the care of her mother’s sister, a fearful stranger who has been dragged back to the place she deliberately ran from—a place to which she vowed she’d never return.

With the same propulsive writing and acute understanding of human instincts that captivated millions of readers around the world in her explosive debut thriller, The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins delivers an urgent, twisting, deeply satisfying read that hinges on the deceptiveness of emotion and memory, as well as the devastating ways that the past can reach a long arm into the present.

Beware a calm surface—you never know what lies beneath.

Wow. You are left with this emotion as you finish the book. This book is attention-grabbing and is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. It is that addictive and suspenseful . The setting that Paula Hawkins creates is as eerie as beautiful – Beckford with hills and valleys and a river running through it. The start was so intriguing as we get to know Nel, Jules and the Drowning Pool. The description of Drowning Pool which is the place where so many female deaths have happened is chilling. The characters were so real and interesting and sometimes messed up, but you cannot have a thriller which doesn’t have unlikeable characters and author has done a good job in crafting all these elements into a superb story.

There were some dark bits which were a bit disturbing for me.  Also, my interest started waning after about halfway through the book as it seemed stretched. And the murderer was pretty easy to guess and this book felt as if it had no climax. It was  centred around so many lives and the multiple perspectives were a bit confusing at first. But the author connected them without leaving me muddled. All in all, a dark, mysterious thriller which leaves you breathless. 
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Book review: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen 


A long, hot summer…

That’s what Macy has to look forward to while her boyfriend, Jason, is away at Brain Camp. Days will be spent at a boring job in the library, evenings will be filled with vocabulary drills for the SATs, and spare time will be passed with her mother, the two of them sharing a silent grief at the traumatic loss of Macy’s father.

But sometimes, unexpected things can happen—things such as the catering job at Wish, with its fun-loving, chaotic crew. Or her sister’s project of renovating the neglected beach house, awakening long-buried memories. Things such as meeting Wes, a boy with a past, a taste for Truth-telling, and an amazing artistic talent, the kind of boy who could turn any girl’s world upside down. As Macy ventures out of her shell, she begins to question her sheltered life.

Is it really always better to be safe than sorry?

I reread this book before doing this review, and it appealed as strongly to me as it had done on the first time. This is not you usual YA fiction, light and funny or dark and depressing but it is somewhere in the middle. Macy, the main character is breaking inside, still dealing with her father’s death , but outside, she tries to be perfect. I could relate with this, as I am kinda like a perfectionist too, and getting everything perfect is my main focus. So, I can definitely say that this book gave me some profound insights, something to take back after closing it. 
The story was great and beautiful I found myself immersed in it before I knew it. The writing style was pretty good and there is development of the  main character throughout the book. Apart from that, there is a wonderful blend of side characters adding vibrancy to the story, with all of them being different and interesting. Wes was the character which shone out more than anyone else (except Macy, of course) and he is, in short, ‘extraordinary’, as Macy terms it. He is handsome, with angular cheekbones and dark hair, but that’s not all. He is someone who is okay with people’s faults and imperfections and is understanding and non-judgemental. There are other reasons too, so you’d have to read the book to get what I’m saying. Also, the chemistry between Macy and him is steady and they become  friends before other things and I liked that.
So, to put it together, this was an interesting, compelling read with a lesson, but not too preachy.
For people who like fast-paced reads, this is not the one for them. This is fun to read, for me, but otherwise it is kinda thoughtful and there are some flashbacks and reminiscences too.
I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves YA fiction.

Quotes that I loved from the book:

1.“It’s just that…I just think that some things are meant to be broken. Imperfect. Chaotic. It’s the universe’s way of providing contrast, you know? There have to be a few holes in the road. It’s how life is.”
2.“It was just one of those things,” I said, “You know, that just happen. You don’t think or plan. You just do it.” 

Book review: City of Bones, Mortal Instruments #1

Clary Fray’s boring, normal life changes in a night, after she encounters Shadowhunters at a club. The next day, her mother is kidnapped and she gets pulled into the mysterious world of Shadowhunters. Soon, secrets are divulged and truth is exposed and she realizes that she may not be what she always perceived herself to be.

The first time I read City of Bones, I was totally blown away. The plot is so intriguing and it takes you in quite early. The dangerous and exciting world of Shadowhunters can be almost irresistible. Cassandra Clare’s style  of writing is terrific, with vivid detailing , amusing dialogue and  all those surprising twists in the story. The heroine of the book, Clary is quirky, brave and strong but she is also kinda cliche with not knowing that she is beautiful or that her best friend is in love with her (oops, a spoiler, but you can guess it quite early in the book). Jace is the typical bad boy, who is good under the rough exterior. Their chemistry is going to make you swoon. There is action too, ranging from demon-killing to jumping off the top of a building(on a flying motorcycle, of course!) and you can be quite sure that you are in for a thrilling, electrifying ride.

Apart from that, the last parts of the book can be disappointing for readers, but since there are 5 following books, you never know what might happen!! Also, the side characters were a little under-developed, but we get to know them better in the following books. I’d recommend this book for people who love to dive deep in an unputdownable book and lose themselves in it. Fans of YA fiction and fantasy would love to read it too.
I know I wrote a really short description of the plot, so to read the plot/ blurb on Goodreads, click here.

Book Review: The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun 

​I am doing their review together as the story in The Seven Crystal Balls continues in ‘Prisoners  of the Sun’. 

The Seven Crystal Balls summary: 

In this comic, Tintin and his friends Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus and Snowy find themselves entangled in the mystery of the seven crystal balls which makes the seven members of an archaeological expedition excavating the Inca mummies  go into a kind of coma. Then, Professor Calculus, unintentionally commits sacrilege by wearing the royal bracelet of the Incas and is thus kidnapped.It is now up to Tintin and Haddock and Snowy to find him and get to the bottom of the problem. 
Prisoners Of the Sun summary

On a strong lead, Tintin , Haddock and Thompson and Thomson fly to Peru , where they believe Calculus is aboard the ship ‘Pachacamac’. They are thwarted again and then learn that Calculus is taken to the Temple of the Sun. Among near death situations and a deadly adversary, they gallivant through mountains and forests in search of it as the fate of Calculus and the seven archaeologists hinges upon them.

My thoughts
: I love the Tintin comics. Especially these two, which I have read about 10 times. The script is so well detailed and equipped with adventure and mystery. Immensely fun to read, with high doses of laugh-out-loud situations, these two can be read by anyone. It’s very engrossing in its own way. There isn’t a single page of boredom. Thomson and Thompson’s antics, Professor Calculus’s oblivion  and Snowy’s frequent dialogue just adds to the humour. Tintin and Captain Haddock have all these near scrapes with danger which of course you know that they’ll get out of, but the fun is to know  how. Tintin’s comics aren’t very realistic if you think of it , with elements of sci-fi, fantasy, etc., but it makes them all the more enjoyable. 
Easy to read and funny , you cannot help but enjoy them even if you don’t think much of the story. 

Book review: The Woman in Cabin 10

Lo Blacklock , a travel journalist gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she gets the press pass of a luxury, boutique cruise ship. But what Lo doesn’t know is that murder and mystery lurks aboard and that she too would get entangled in it.

This is a story of a paranoid woman, who has been panicky and keyed up since the attempted burglary in her flat and then sort of witnesses a murder of THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10, someone she met earlier that day. It is very mysterious as all the passengers
and crew are accounted for. Lo’s investigation brings her closer to the truth , but first she has to decide whether knowing the truth is worth risking her life.

This fast-paced thriller can really grab your attention and make it almost impossible to let go of it. It’s addictive with all the fear and suspense drawing you in. Ruth Ware’s writing style puts you in the shoes of the protagonist and you will
genuinely be afraid for her. Although some might find her quite unlikeable, there is some character development which might compensate for that. The climax was a tad less exciting than  the build-up. Overall, a terrific read with elements of Agatha Christie crime fiction. 

This book is for those who want an easy, engrossing read which can thrill and excite them. It’s perfect for a long day as you are not likely to drop it midway.

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